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about Jeremy Parsons

For an artist whose contemporaries include the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift, acknowledging an
inherent fellowship with Hank Williams Sr. is not only daring, it’s nearly unheard of in this contemporary day and age. But, Jeremy Parsons is “up” for the challenge!

Growing up in San Antonio, Parsons was surrounded by country music introduced to him by his parents and older sister; the 22 year-old proudly admits he’s always been drawn to the American classics, the music he describes as the “good stuff.”

“My dad worked at a country radio station when I was young. I recall running up and down the halls listening to the old-time music playing through the speakers. As a toddler, they tell me ‘Kaw-Liga’ was one of the best baby-sitters! I guess that’s proof in the pudding that country music is where I feel at home.”

Fortifying his God-given Libra characteristics, Jeremy was raised with natural balance. Weighed by
encouragement and confidence, teetered with responsibility and infused with humor, his diligence as a songwriter and showmanship on stage were evident at an early age. His diplomatic yet charming, funloving yet realistic, social yet timid graces make Jeremy a charismatic and magnetic shining star. You cannot help but like Jeremy Parsons!

Characterized as the “perfect student” and a gifted athlete, (active in high school sports such as basketball, soccer, football and baseball) Jeremy remained devoted to his sideline passion—his music. At 17, he picked up the guitar, learning chords and progressions by ear, to play for folks “by request.” While his teenage friends and teammates were spellbound by the Top 40 tunes blaring from their boom boxes, the only sounds you could hear permeating from inside Jeremy’s Chevy pick-up were of Hank Williams Sr., Faron Young, Johnny Horton and George Strait. The “boy next door” with an old soul and passion for traditional country music reveled in the sounds bound by twang, fiddle, steel guitar and talltale stories.

“Old time country is, and always has been, my music of choice. I have bought and run a needle across many a traditional country record and I’m still an avid vinyl collector.” Devoting 100% of every waking moment to becoming a better song craftsman, fine tuning his vocals and sharpening his guitar riffs, Parsons is a day and night working artist.

With the absolute pointed direction from his family, who recognized his extraordinary flair as a country music man, Parsons exited his college course of studies (in physical science and sports medicine) to focus his concentration on reviving a tried and true entertainment format. “My parents and sister called me into the living room one day and said ‘we’ve been thinking…that you might
be wasting your time and talents here in Texas and you may want to think about heading to Nashville.’ That’s all I needed to hear! Their encouragement opened the door for me to make the move!”

Since making the move to Music City in 2009, the San Antonio-born Parsons has accomplished feats most newcomers only dream of. Jeremy has become a notable face at open mic nights, a “must-see” in songwriter rounds, he’s opened for George Jones, is a frequent backstage guest at the Grand Ole Opry, where he has befriended Little Jimmy Dickens and Jean Shepard. A storyteller and story keeper, Jeremy has cultivated his love of the legends by writing tunes steeped in traditional sound; he has more than 750 songs in his personal catalog (ASCAP) and The Grascals, champions in bluegrass, cut the Parsons-penned “Out Comes The Sun.

In just seven short months, Jeremy signed with PCG Nashville Records (October 2009) to record and
release his debut album, DOGGONDEST FEELIN’.

Deeper than the pop country that penetrates the country radio airwaves today, Jeremy’s music is a twostep, holler and swallow, and polyester suits kind of all-American music. With the magic of 20th Century technology, his music “lives” on iTunes and the Internet to bring us all back home to our grandparent’s parlor where the vinyl spun round and round on the phonograph. In a new age, Parsons’ music speaks volumes to an era of old with every one of his Victrola-style original tracks.
True to his musical heroes, Parsons is a kindred spirit who twangs and croons with all of his heart and soul.

DOGGONDEST FEELIN’ is a reflection of his old soul and his unadulterated love for the golden age of
country music, the ghosts of the Grand Ole Opry. “I am a ‘blast from the past’ or ‘blast of the past,’ reviving a sound that I feel is missing these days. I have taken it upon myself to take the torch from the hands of Hank Williams, Porter Wagoner and Little Jimmy Dickens and carry it front and center to the Grand Ole Opry stage.”

Jeremy may sing country standards but he’s far and above standard country. Planting his foot deep in the heart of America’s country roots to stake his claim as the new voice of old-timey country, DOGGONDEST FEELIN’ sounds mighty familiar and Jeremy Parsons is the mighty music man to bring country home.