1. Issues
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This track is what it seems like it would be and comes from confronting issues within myself. I was in the beginning stages of quitting drinking and readjusting to who I was and would be from that point on. It came out at first as if I was singing a diary entry to myself. I loved the chord progression and how naturally this song came out of me. Some are a process, but this one very clearly needed to be set free. "Issues" and the title track, "Things To Come," were two of the first songs written for the project and help set the tone for the entire album.


Does anyone have thoughts
They say all of mine
Are over the line
Or too outside the box

And love
Do you know what that is
Don't give it to me
There's others in need
Yeah save it for them

Cuz I've got issues

Yeah fear
Is it holding you back
It's a beast that you feed
It's driven by greed
Don't cut it no slack

Oh and hate
It's a hell of a thing
It'll swallow you whole
It'll turn you to stone
Yeah take it from me

Yeah cuz I've got issues

Oh and truth
Is it too much to bear
Do you avoid it by choice
Ignore every voice
Like they've never been there

Oh and you
Are you happy with you
Easier said than done
Hard to overcome
Yeah I'm trying it too

Cuz I've got issues
Yeah you've got issues
Yeah we've all got issues