New Single "Lillian" out now!

Really hope y'all dig it!

Really hope y'all dig it!

"John Prines music and existence meant a lot to myself and a lot of folks, I know. Everyone has a soft spot and something they can always go to to find some happiness. John Prines music was that for me. As soon as I heard his picking and his overly unique and genuine voice I was completely sucked in. I'm so glad we had him to inspire us and make us smile. The world wouldn't have been the same, we are the lucky ones. He will always be with us through the music and I’m forever grateful for that. I wrote this song the evening after I found out he had passed away. I felt overwhelmed to share it with y’all."  - Jeremy Parsons

RIP John Prine

I’m stoked to be working with Leesta Vall again for their Direct-To-Vinyl Shut-In Sessions! Each record contains a one-of-a-kind live take, made specifically and individually for each person that orders. These aren’t mass produced, dubbed, copied, etc. and they each contain a different live performance that exists nowhere else in the world. Think of them like audio polaroids…each individual from one another and each one-of-a-kind. Go pre-order yours now!

Check it out y'all!!! I entered NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Contest! 

Feel free to check out and enjoy the link and video submission below!