Lillian (Single)
  • Lillian (Single)
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Some song ideas pop in your head, and you feel like you have to get somewhere and write them before they disappear forever. Writing “Lillian” wasn’t like this at all. It started with a street I used to pass every day on my way to work while living in East Nashville. I saw so many street signs on that trip, but “Lillian” was the only one that consistently stood out to me. I kept it in the notes section of my phone for years. One afternoon I sat down and found this really cool strum patterned rhythmic guitar part I was having fun playing. The words came next, “She said she never wears underwear, I said I never wear shorts.” Maybe the most “me” line I have ever written. Lines with personality are great, but when you can correctly project yourself into your art, I feel it says something about your growth and comfortability as far as who you’ve become as an artist. The rest of the song came flooding out and spoke to me and where I was in my life. I was very lost before making this music, and if not for someone seeing through that mess and giving me a pure form of love, who knows where I would have ended up. It’s a factually fictional story about the high times of low points in life. We live so we can create, and I’m so glad to have manifested this song through my experience. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I enjoy playing it.

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