"Songwriters with the kind of attitude and charisma that Jeremy Parsons has come around only every once in a great while"”

Melody Maker Magazine

"there’s something special about Jeremy Parsons that makes him undisputedly among the cream of the crop."” - Michael Rand


"what he offers us in “Tickin’” contains a significant amount of lyrical and instrumental substance that any true blue alternative country fan would be foolish to dismiss"” - Zachary Rush

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Born in San Antonio, Texas, Jeremy Parsons grew up immersed in the sounds of Texas music in the Lone Star State ballrooms. Jeremy has always been a music fan, but only in his senior year of high school did he discover his talent for it. Driven by his passion, he learned to play the guitar as an autodidact and began writing and performing music. 

 Over the past ten years, Jeremy has played throughout the U.S. and Europe, including numerous venues in Texas. Drawing inspiration from Texas artists, Jeremy loves to interact with his audience. Charm the crowd with his genuine personality, unique humor, and love for his job. 

 Jeremy draws from his personal experiences to create sharply perceptive and meaningful songs. The first single from his latest album, "Things I Need To Say," was the Top 40 Roots Music Report and IndieWorld Report track, "Burn This House Down." The song paints a poignant picture of heartbreak and acceptance that is still recognizable. It will stay with you long after your first listen. That single was followed up by the equally well-received "Why is the Bluebird Blue," also an American Top 40 Roots Report single. "Bluebird" also peaked at #2 on the pop charts with Hits You Love. Videos from both songs have been nominated and selected for numerous film festivals, including the Jersey Shore Film Festival, Indie's Best Films Festival, and the Monkey Bread Tree Film Festival, an IMDB-approved film festival. 

After living in Nashville for several years, Jeremy returned to Texas, where he released his album, "Things To Come," on January 8th, 2021; it was added to a Spotify Editorial playlist, earning over 137,000 streams of the title track. The album's singles were also international hits on the iTunes charts. Now with three records under his belt, he's unleashed "Tickin'," the first of three singles from his forthcoming EP. Born out of a contemplative time during the pandemic, "Tickin'" is a modern production done in the spirit of Country legend Emmy Lou Harris' Deeper Well from the perspective of someone inspired by projects from Nine Inch Nails, Porcupine Tree, Puscifer, and modern pop productions. His single, "Humanity," was released on April 7th, 2023, with the next, "Life Worth Dyin' For," released on August 18th, 2023.

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This is one of those records that doesn’t get written if not for the keen insight the best songwriters posses; how they’re able to articulate the world of emotions and moments in a way that we all feel, but can’t ever seem to find the right words to express for ourselves. It takes deep introspection, a bit of toil, and the natural talent all the best songwriters have that leaves all us laymen marveling.” - Trigger

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Upon first listen it’s his vocals that jumps out at me, he has a beautiful tone to his voice. An acceptance coupled with a slight hint of positivity permeates the title track though wisdom prevails as he learns from the past, “Time is a healer and life must go on.” Honesty and refined lyricism is at the heart of this record.”

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