Things To Come: CD
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Things To Come: CD

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I needed to make this record and write these songs to grow both as an artist and a person. I forced myself to look inward and at all my past experiences and the lessons I gathered from them. I put all of that along with the feelings that came with them under a microscope. I wanted to mix it all and link everything to our day-to-day human experiences. Take specific events and make them broad so all who desired to could feel included in the story. This record comes from years worth of observation, inner struggle, and knowing that we can choose to do better for ourselves although we can't ever fully control it all. Here's to all the things to come!

Jeremy Parsons has huge commercial potential and is most definitely a name to watch out for.” – MusicExistence

“Parsons’ sharp wisdom is ours for the taking” – B-Sides and Badlands

“I keep finding something else to appreciate; if not the phenomenal production, the lyrics and the images beautifully painted in the storyline, by a voice that’s easy and smooth on the ear.” – Jamsphere

After releasing four singles from his new album, “Things To Come,” including several #1 iTunes charting tracks, Jeremy Parsons is dropping the full-length collection on January 8th, 2021. The album includes some of Parsons’ most personal songs to date, including the title track about his past addictions and “Good Ole Days,” about “looking forward to looking back.” The album is being released with legendary label, Smith Music. It is the follow-up to his hugely successful breakthrough album, “Things I Need to Say.”

TRACKLISTING: 1. Things To Come 2. Tragedy 3. Good Ole Days 4. Masquerade 5. Lillian 6. Looking Back 7. I Am 8. Issues 9. Sit And Spin 10. Something Other Than You Are

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