Something Other Than You Are (Single)
  • Something Other Than You Are (Single)
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Let's go back to a little house on the Eastside of town in Nashville, TN. It was a beautiful fall day, and I had just gotten back from a month-long tour in Texas and was desperately needing to do laundry. The house that my ex-girlfriend, my girlfriend at the time, and I lived in had a wonderful sunroom where the washer and dryer were. It was perfect, especially on a day like this was. When moving my clothes back and forth, I started humming a melody. When you're distracted by tedious tasks, the coolest things can creep into your brain, and that's what was happening. I got everything where it needed to be and picked up a Baby Martin guitar lying around for songwriting moments such as this. I sat down on top of the washing machine, put my feet up on the edge of the sunroom window, and started picking. I wasn't alone very long when my girlfriend's cat and my best friend at the time, Thunder, joined me. I wrote this song to him and all the things I was feeling because of him and his mother. I had been through a lot, and they were there with me and helped see me through the roughest patch. Life is crazy, and my lyrics and songs can lean towards the more realistic darker side. I just wanted to shine a little light this time. I was happy then, and I am happy now. We are in charge of that happiness. We all long to be something other than we are, maybe even someone sometimes, but we are who we are for a specific reason and purpose, so be that person because that person is perfectly you.

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