Good Ole Days

Jeremy Parsons

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You ever hear the one about the father and son that walked into the hardware store? You’re about to. That’s exactly where the idea for “Good Ole Days” started. My dad and I were visiting his hometown of Somerville, TN, and we needed a part for the old house so we walked down the street to the Farmers Hardware store. We found what we were looking for and as my dad was checking out I was lost in my phone until I heard an older gentleman behind the counter revisiting when he used to go out and pick cotton with his dad and brothers. He was being nostalgic and looking back fondly upon something that probably wasn’t fun for him at the time but he had grown to miss it. Those were his good ole days. In the same town, there lived a blind man named Colonel Will Rhea Winfrey, Sr., but we just called him “The Colonel.” Every time we were in town we would stop in and see him and he would relive his good ole days by telling us of some of his favorite stories, it was always the same stories, but we always listened. He went blind later in his life due to macular degeneration but had the best sense of humor about it. He would always say “so good to see you again Jeremy.” It cracked me up every time. I used to make it a point to stop in and see him and play my guitar for him as much as I could. He always loved to listen and would tap his cane along to the music. It felt necessary to make him a part of this track. I enjoyed writing this song because, as much as it was about looking back for the characters, it’s also about knowing that looking forward is just as important. I like the thought that our fondest memories are yet to be made.

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