1. Looking Back
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One day I found myself standing still on something I felt I should have reacted differently, more confidently towards. I had a moment where the kid version of me in my mind was saying, "what're you doing, man if it were me, I would've done it in a heartbeat!" I have grown so much since then and seen so many consequences for specific actions taken and handled the wrong way. I am glad I have grown and become a more intelligent and aware person, but I still think sometimes what it might be like if I possessed that ignorant courage. That's where Looking Back comes from.


You used to like to play with broken things
Foolish you’d try to fly with broken wings
Just so you could say that you did
Looking back now you’re lucky you can say that you lived

You used to act without thinking of anything
Never scared of the facts unaware of mortality
Ignorance does seem like bliss
I guess that’s why the world wants us to be kids

Growing gets old too young to realize
Never did fit the mold way outside your own lines
You wouldn’t curse at your gift
Yeah you’d be mad to know that that thought could even exist

Where do we go time is a gateway
Same is the soul but so much sees such change
Nothing prepares you for this
But that’s really ever as bad and as good as it gets

I used to like to play with broken things
Foolish I’d try to fly with broken wings
Just so I could say that I did
Looking back now I'm lucky I can say that I lived